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March 16, 2012
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"There is no meaning in a world without you, Nezumi… No meaning at all."

Shion's fingers dig into his arm and he is crying. He is crying but denying his tears. Nezumi thinks that now, more than ever, Shion looks like a child. Holding onto the very thing he wants, defying all logic and reasons why it can't be his… and still wanting it.

For a crazy second Nezumi wants to give in. Just give Shion what he wants so much; so openly; so desperately. But it is madness and reason quickly cuts through the impossible idea like razor cuts through flesh… it hurts, Nezumi notices but dismisses it almost immediately. He tucks away the feeling into the very depths of his black, black heart. They are like day and night, light and darkness, truth and lies and Nezumi can't stay by his side and he knows it but a part of him still wants to and that is exactly why he must leave.

And yet, he is forcing Shion's chin up, making him meet his gaze and kisses him. Tenderly, fiercely, passionately… Shion looks sad when he pulls away. Maybe even more than he did before he kissed him. His crimson eyes sparkle with tears he rejects. He asks if that was his 'goodbye kiss'…
'It's an oath' Nezumi says, defying all logic and reasons himself this time. He MUST go, he feels it with pressing urgency, with every passing moment, he must get away from this place, from Shion and his tearful, honest gaze…he must get away from this madness but he is already promising his return.

Run… Run… Run you coward…

Nezumi turns around and walks away… Shion is watching him go and his gaze drills holes at his back. As he keeps putting one foot in front of the other he thinks he shouldn't feel it anymore but the holes go deeper. They are warm, searing hot, eating away at his insides. Nezumi knows Shion can no longer see him but he still feels his distant gaze somewhere deep in his heart. His vision is blurry and he can't breathe properly. It takes him quite a while to realize that he is crying.

He has never hated himself as much as he does at this very moment.

And he knows with absolute certainty… that Shion is still standing there. Watching.

Nezumi feels like dead weight. His limbs feel anchored with gravity and he can't even move his fingers. Shion's hands holding onto him feels like sharp knives. Every inch of his body aches and Nezumi can't keep his eyes open. He uses all of his energy to stay conscious and with each second ticking by he feels like he is losing the battle.

Shion pants and swears under his breath. Nezumi vaguely notices that he is crying. He can't determine if they are tears of despair or of frustration. Shion is injured as well and yet he is carrying him. Carrying Nezumi out of hell. There is blood everywhere. On Shion's hands, his shirt, his pants even on his face but Shion doesn't stop to wipe it away. He keeps walking with Nezumi on his back. But the exit is too far away. Nezumi knows they can never make it. Not when it's like this.

He never wanted Shion to see all this. He never wanted him to change. Shion can't die like this… Die because of him.

Nezumi uses the final bits of his remaining strength to push words out of his mouth. He is not sure if Shion can hear them, it may well be happening only in his mind. He tells him to escape, to leave him and save himself.

Shion yells at him.

Shion calls him an idiot.

Shion tells him to stop joking around…He tells Nezumi to not look down on him so much…

Shion…no…you don't understand…

Please… listen…

You must live.

I can't stand it if you die.

I can't stand it if you die because of me.


There is…

There is no meaning in a world without you Shion…



Darkness engulfs him…

He moves like a flower petal caught up in spring breeze. Nezumi pulls him and shifts and turns with him, his hand on his waist and Shion moves with ease. Surprisingly graceful and unexpectedly apt as he lends his body to Nezumi's lead. He stares into Nezumi's eyes and there is wonder in his expression.

Nezumi's lips move and he hums a cheerful melody. It feels natural and surreal at the same time. Shion glides and Nezumi's room expands around them. It expands under the clear sky and across the land to infinity. Only Nezumi's voice and the sound of their footsteps break the silence. It's an experience unparalleled to anything Nezumi knows of.  

His Majesty stares at him, oblivious to the power of his gaze. The soft, snowy locks of his hair catches on the insufficient light coming from the single oil lamp. His grip is secure but not too strong. That's the same hand that pulled Nezumi out of the darkness just moments ago and it is just like how he remembers it from 4 years ago.

Firm but gentle.

Nezumi entwines their fingers and dances with him…

Shion is warm…

He is always so warm…

Nezumi opens his eyes and the ceiling greets him.  Aged and bloated wooden girders reach from wall to wall and between them; Nezumi watches tiny dust particles glow like peculiar bioluminescent orbs under the light coming through the narrow gap between the mold green curtains on his right, next to his bed.

It must be around 8 am, he thinks. But it looks like it could be 4 pm too. He simply doesn't care. He hasn't for a while.

Nezumi raises a hand over his eyes and rubs them with his fingers hoping it would clear away the remnants of his dream. But they remain imprinted behind his eyelids. Shion is looking up at him and there is still wonder in his crimson eyes… And Nezumi feels like he can feel him in his arms.

His other hand clenches the starched sheets as he desperately tries to fight the illusion. His heartbeat picks up just thinking of him. The hair on his arms stands on its end. His dream crushes over him and Nezumi can't stop it, because he wants to see him. He wants to feel him and run his fingers through his hair. He wants to look into his eyes and see him openly look back at him.

You've gotta be kidding me.

Nezumi throws the sheets off of him and sits up. He wishes all of this was only physical but it isn't and he knows he can't just jerk off and get back to sleep. He knows because it has never helped before. This is something different. Something Nezumi doesn't know how to deal with it. He can't even name the feeling. He can only grimace at the sense of convulsion in the pit of his stomach and the compression in his chest.

Nezumi swings his legs from the side of the bed, ignoring his hard on and rests his elbows on his knees. Looking out through the gap between his ugly curtains he starts humming the same melody in his dream. It is supposed to be a lighthearted tune but with each note Nezumi feels worse. The compression in his chest threatens to overtake his heart and all of this angers him. It's simply frustrating. No… that doesn't cut it. He is outraged and he just wants to break something.

Nezumi can hear people walking down the alley his lodging house is located on, talking to each other; some kids playing with a cat they found behind the vegetable crates across the street. His nose picks up the scent of over-baked bread and eggs. He needs to get up, get ready and go to the bookstore he works part-time as a clerk. There will be a shipment of books today from No.4 and he needs to register them and put them away on their new shelves. He'll probably see that cocky old man again exactly at 2pm, pestering him about classics and Shakespeare with half-assed knowledge and wiseacre interpretations, all because he wants to talk to him. Nezumi has known what the old man was looking for the moment he came through the door with a greasy smile and a husky voice, mumbling that he had never seen Nezumi around before and he knows he isn't looking for books. This isn't anything new to Nezumi. He knows a dozen ways to deal with him other than breaking his jaw and rearranging his facial features, most of which doesn't even require violence and can still be equally intimidating but he just doesn't care. He is so sick of it. He is so sick of all of it.


Hamlet stares at him from underneath the wardrobe across the room as if asking for permission. Nezumi extends his hand towards him and Hamlet climbs on it in an instant. It has a piece of bread in his mouth and it looks up at Nezumi curiously as if to ask him why he isn't eating.

"I'm not hungry. You go ahead and enjoy your breakfast." Nezumi says and watches the mouse on his leg eat as he strokes its head with his finger.

"Where is Cravat?" he asks after Hamlet finishes.

Chirp, chirp, chirp.

"He is sleeping? At this hour?"

Hamlet looks at him and squeaks slowly.

He is getting old. I keep forgetting they are eventually going to die.

"You keep an eye on him, okay?"


I wonder how Tsukiyo is doing. Though he is in No.6 with an overly worried Shion. He'll probably live longer than any rat in the history, knowing Shion. He'll take Tsukiyo to a veterinary whenever the poor thing does so much as oversleep.

On a second thought, I am even MORE worried about him now.

"Hamlet, do you miss Shion?"

Hamlet's grape colored eyes lock onto Nezumi's grey eyes. It stares at him without moving for long seconds then he slowly chirps.

"Such sentimentality. If I knew naming you would induce such loyalty, I'd have done it earlier myself... What the fuck?!"

Hamlet nibbles at his finger angrily. Although he doesn't bite hard enough to make him bleed, it still hurts.

"You actually bit me."

Chirp, chirp, chirp.

"I don't care he is your friend. You bit me!"

Chirp, chirp, chirp.

"Exactly. Only Shion would care being friends with mice anyway. I don't see why you are so proud."

Hamlet scurries over the bed and on top of Nezumi's shoulder, nuzzling at his cheek, it chirps excitedly.

Nezumi turns to glare at him. Hamlet doesn't budge and stubbornly meets his stare.

"I see where from you learned this nasty streak of shooting back. I am not really a rat you know."


Hamlet jumps down from his shoulder. The mouse looks almost smug when it stares back at him before disappearing under the wardrobe again, probably going to where Cravat is.

I can't believe I was told off by a damn mouse.

Nezumi lies back on the bed crossing his arms under his head to support it and he stares at the ceiling again.

IS he my friend though?

Hamlet seems to think so, if that stunt just now is any proof. But Nezumi doesn't know what a 'friend' is. It is as unknown a word to him as 'family', or 'love'. He has read about them, he knows their meanings, he has gotten on stage and acted like he feels them but he has always thought about those words as separate things from him. Just like how fish don't think about flying, or birds about swimming, Nezumi has never thought about making friends or having a family… or loving someone. It was more of a bother than it was unnecessary and it was dangerous. That was what he always believed.

From everything he has read, he knows Shion is the closest thing he has ever had to a 'friend' but Nezumi also thinks the word as he knows it, is not quite enough to define whatever the bond between them is. He is not a fatalist so he doesn't believe in crap like fate or destiny but he also knows their meeting means more to him than it could ever mean to Shion. Not because Shion cares about him any less but because Nezumi's perspective is one Shion could never have. Shion was the one on the balcony and Nezumi was the one watching him from below. Shion doesn't know, he can never know what it means to be under that balcony. Even after 4 years, what he told Shion when they lived together remains true. Maybe even more so now.

It was indeed, a miracle.

Nezumi sits up and reaches for his backpack tucked securely between his bed and the nightstand next to it. Pulling the zipper he plunges a hand into the very depths of his bag and pulls out a shirt. An ordinary, white, buttoned up shirt which he would never wear the likes of. This one also doesn't belong to him. He only partially remembers how it ended up in his backpack in his haste and panic as he packed for his journey after leaving Shion on that hill. The reason for the haze in his memory isn't because he did it subconsciously but rather how hard he was crying as he did it and he prefers that memory forgotten. He doesn't remember any other moment in his life he felt so weak, so hideously pathetic as he sat on his heels and cried with Shion's shirt in his hand. He wanted to leave it behind, leave everything behind and never once look back but the idea of forgetting Shion meant forgetting himself. Shion wasn't something that could be forgotten with the absence of a shirt. Nezumi would remember him every time he looked at the mirror. He was a part of him. Shion was the most defining part of who he is.

And yet he couldn't leave it behind. He wanted something tangible to hold on to. Something to remind him of Shion's warmth, of his smell, of the promise Nezumi gave him.

As if he could ever forget…

Nezumi raises the shirt to his face, feeling the same pang of weakness in the pit of his stomach. He buries his face in its folds and inhales deeply. What lingers behind after 4 years is only the lightest ghost of Shion's smell but Nezumi can still smell it. Smell is the strongest of all five senses in evoking memories and Nezumi thinks just how true it really is as Shion's smell fills his lungs and he feels like they are dancing again.

You are pathetic.

Nezumi puts the shirt down and looks up at the wall clock over his bed. He pulls a light grey long sleeve from his bag this time and throws it on his bed with Shion's shirt before he turns around and jumps in the shower.

10 minutes later he returns with damp hair falling over his shoulders and back and completely nude apart from a towel around his waist. He wears a pair of black boxer briefs and black cargo pants before pulling on his grey long sleeve. He then picks up Shion's shirt and holds it at arm's length narrowing his eyes. After a moment of hesitation he puts the shirt on over his grey long sleeve. The sleeves don't reach his wrists so Nezumi rolls them up to his elbows over the grey shirt. The moment he finishes wrapping his superfiber scarf around his neck and over his leather jacket, he hears a faint scurry of claws. Soon enough Hamlet appears underneath the wardrobe with Cravat following behind. They seem to know their master's intentions from the way they chirp excitedly.

Nezumi kneels on one knee and extends a hand towards Cravat. He climbs slowly and stands on his hind legs, staring at Nezumi.

"You alright, Cravat? Think you can run?"

The brown mouse chirps keenly.

"Okay then. But you are getting stuffed down my pocket the moment you start falling behind, deal?"


Nezumi grabs his backpack after letting Cravat jump down. He throws it at his back and walks out of the room. He glances back once before closing the door over the place he has lived in for the past 8 months.

Down the hallway and two flights of stairs… Nezumi goes to the wooden reception desk and the toothless old lady with a flurry of white hair behind the desk smiles when she sees Nezumi.

"Good morning my boy. Leaving for work?"

"Yes. How much do I owe you for this month, Aria?"

"A little over 50. You still have one week to pay though my dear."

"I've got it now. It'll be one less worry in my head." Nezumi flashes a smile and the old lady blinks a several time before she regains her composure and takes the notes Nezumi pulled out from his pocket. Soon after she asks a little sheepishly,

"Do you want your sheets changed?"

"There is no need Aria. I'll do it myself." Nezumi replies kindly. He thanks her and leaves the lodging house. Hamlet and Cravat appear from a sever hole next to the building, considerately not running around anywhere where Aria can see them.

Nezumi stands on the steps of the lodging house and looks up at the sky. He slides both hands inside his jacket pockets and watches the spring clouds grow in the vast sky. He sighs and looks to his right. The children playing with the cat are gone. There is only an old man arranging his vegetable crates and spraying water on the greenery. That cobblestoned path leads to the Bookstore where a shipment of books is waiting to be registered. It leads to his chosen duties, his sane, acceptable, manageable life. To a life he doesn't care about but a life in which he is safe. It leads to solitude and to longing dreams. That cobblestoned path on his right leads to a life of hypocrisy, ignorance and cowardice.

Nezumi stares at his boots before his gaze reluctantly but inevitably turns to his left. A wide range of mountains stand guard outside the city. Unlike the path on his right which he has taken countless times, Nezumi has crossed this path only once. It leads to a long journey which will take weeks to end. It leads to danger, to emotions, to hopes… to his greatest fears. It leads to a life of awareness, acceptance and surrender. It leads to his oath, to the most important thing he has ever had in his life, to the source of his hatred and to the core of his being. It is the path Nezumi avoided for 4 years. It is the path which makes his heart race just by looking at it. At the end of that path there are questions, doubts, fears… there is also warmth… there is company… a life of commitment... There is Shion.

Nezumi whistles the cheerful tune from his dream. The old man rises from the crates to look at him. The tune spilling out from Nezumi's lips, echo in the narrow street, floating up in the sky and joining the wind's gentle shifting. It fits strangely well in this old street and in this suspended moment. A perfect tune for a fresh spring morning. The whistle slowly quiets into a soft hum. Nezumi raises his shoulders and nestles his jaw and nose into his scarf. From underneath it, Shion's smell fills his nostrils.

Why today?

Nezumi doesn't know. He has had dreams of Shion before, many times over, but today, he just can't shake it off. His mind, his body, his soul… even his heart is filled with him and Nezumi can hear his call.

Shion is calling.

I will never be fully ready to go back. It will never be an easy decision. No matter how long I wait… how long I keep him waiting, that first step to the path on my left will never be easier.

"We will surely meet again, Shion."

Nezumi straightens himself up. Gesturing to his mice with his head, he descends the steps on to the cobblestoned path.

I might as well try to be ready when I am with him.

With that notion in mind, Nezumi takes the path on his left and starts the long journey which will take him back in time to a place he has long been trying to avoid; not once looking back at the path he left behind. His heart beats fast in his chest with each step but his feet feel surprisingly lighter.  

Momentarily closing his eyes and allowing the feel of Shion from his dream fuel his legs, for the first time in 4 years, Nezumi genuinely smiles as he walks towards No.6.

Where Shion is waiting for him…
Chapter 2

My 6th No.6 fanfiction...

Post-series... The idea of WHAT would exactly be the turning point for Nezumi to decide that he is going back to Shion had been on my mind for months. This is my version of things. I also have several other favorite alternatives written by other fanfic authors which I love. It isn't my best work but I feel somewhat a personal attachment to this piece. It is for No.6 and it is my 6th ever fanfiction. AND it is written with Nezumi's POV... Nezumi... Nezumi... Just Nezumi...

No.6 belongs to Asano Atsuko. She is insane for creating such characters and such a story which I'm absolutely obsessed with. She isn't the BEST plot weaver I know but hell, her talent in creating character depth is almost eerie. *hats off*

Preview Image: No.6詰め by Yo.
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Shinwa-Tsuki Featured By Owner May 24, 2014
Very nice!
Ninja-Of-Romance Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
A flawless beginning. At first I was a bit taken back by suddenly seeing the farewell scene, but then as the three scenes were put together, I realized the meaning behind them in the first place. It makes sense that Nezumi would be the type to start from the end and slowly step backward, back to the point where he first let himself get close to Shion. That's the significance it had to me as I read anyways. It really was touching to have a start such as that.

When Nezumi woke up, however, I couldn't help but want to laugh at his "situation". It was a bit unexpected, but once I stopped acting like a child, it really felt melancholy. The scene made it clear that Nezumi was being haunted by these dreams and memories time and time again, and he had tried to find a solution to them. He had tried temporary ways to reduce the problem to a point that he could bare.. but he couldn't. I loved that he just accepted it begrudgingly and went about his business.

..Any mention of the mice getting old makes my heart ache, so I wanted to pitch a fit right when the whole thing about Cravat sleeping too long was brought up. I don't like to think that they can pass away, but I know it makes sense. Needless to say, the banter between Nezumi and Hamlet made me laugh. I was grinning like an idiot imagining Nezumi's face as he was being back sassed by a mouse! Only Nezumi. I mean, goodness. Hamlet's aggression toward Nezumi acting as if Shion wasn't a friend was really cute, and I loved Nezumi's cussing about being bitten. Those mice get their sass from their owner; no one is sassier than Nezumi.

The shirt. The fucking shirt. We both seem to have that shared obsession for the boys and scent soaked clothing. Certainly loved that he had taken something like that as a way to physically hang onto Shion. The fact that it still retained its scent even faintly after four years really made me happy, but I almost wonder if that wasn't partly Nezumi having committed it to memory so well that the shirt itself was merely a trigger for the response, like a conditioned reaction. Either way, I seriously loved him just indulging in the scent and hanging onto his memories, just knowing that it was time, regardless of how he felt at that moment, the fact that he just knew that it was time. That really got me. Then of course, he puts the shirt on, and I am flipping out because that is so damn perfect to just imagine him slipping it on over his clothes, like some little reminder that as he heads onward that Shion is awaiting, in his entirety, and there won't be a need for that shirt anymore.

And I loved when he stood at the center of the two paths mentally preparing himself for what he was going to do.

I doubt I need to say it, but you really captured Nezumi's voice here. The wording was a bit rough, but in my opinion, that's a reflection of who he is. Nezumi can be poetic and graceful, but he isn't always, so that slight edge really made it flow easier as Nezumi's perspective.

Let's see how much deeper I fall in love with this, shall we? On to chapter 2! How was that review?
Elanra13 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Actually that was what I had thought while writing those three dream pieces (memory fragments more like) starting with guilt (Nezumi leaving Shion) continuing with gratefulness for everything Shion has done for him/how much he cares about him (Shion carrying Nezumi out of the Correctional Facility) and lastly; longing (with Nezumi dreaming about their dance). That's also the reason he wakes up with a hard on but emotionally and mentally he is too weary and conflicted to jerk off so he ignores it. I think it's only natural to 'try and find temporary solutions to momentarily reduce the effects of missing someone' as you put it... We are all human in the end and only we know what goes through our hearts and minds when we are alone in a room at night and crippled with longing... So.. it feels good to know you didn't find that odd.

I don't want the mice getting old either but unfortunately that's another natural thing and I wanted it to be realistic. I STILL WANT TO BELIEVE THEY HAVE HAPPY OLD-AGE YEARS BEFORE THEM as they live with Shion and Nezumi. I also want them to have baby mice >_< Oh man... how much Shion would cry if one of them died. Okay no. Don't think that Elmira. No. Just no.

The banter with Hamlet. Oh man... I had so much fun writing that. My cat (Kira) used to look at me in such a way, I could have sworn that he was looking down on me for something stupid I did. He would have Nezumi's Shion-is-naming-my-mice look on his face and I would be like aşlkfjaşlfkafaşldsf shaddap you are a cat. A CAT. WHADDAYA KNOW! HMPH! Since Nezumi's mice are actually SMART, I wanted them to be a bit sassy as their master... So yeah, Hamlet totally chews Nezumi's ass. And when he meets with Tsukiyo again, he'll tell her all about it and Tsukiyo and Cravat and Hamlet will laugh at their grumpy master's antics. They are totally shippers.

I care a whole lot about scents in RL too. The sense of smell is truly the strongest in evoking memories and the emotions related to those memories (that's a scientific fact) and I have experienced that so many times. Both Nezumi and Shion are sensual characters. Maybe as much as I am. So it only makes sense to me that they would focus on each other's scents the way I would in a similar situation. I also love the idea of Nezumi taking one of Shion's shirts with him as something solid to hold on to... There is just something really achingly beautiful in the surrender one feels upon the first inhale of their most precious person's smell. I don't know if Shion's smell did indeed remain after four years on the shirt or if it's Nezumi's mind keeping it intact but... the fact that he DOES WEAR IT ON afterwards speaks volumes. Cause once he wears it, his own smell will inevitably replace Shion's. He wears it because there is a part of him inside him which has already made it's decision. He is going back. He doesn't need to keep the shirt untouched and preserved to protect Shion's smell anymore.

Nezumi's standing at the center of those two paths is what gives this series it's name: At A Crossroads. That decision is what will take him back to Shion in the end :heart:

Ohhh thank you so much for saying that! Nezumi is a really complex character and capturing him correctly is equally difficult. I'm sorry the wording wasn't smoother to please you. I wanted to focus on Nezumi's internal turmoil and uncertainty and I thought there wouldn't be much fluid coherence there. Not that it was an intentional choice to write the way I did, but I didn't pay extra attention to make his thoughts smoother. While reading it, I felt like it gave the exact feeling I wanted to convey. I am really sorry if it disappointed you. Now I am even more worried you'll hate Chapter 2. OTL

The review is tear inducing T_T THANK YOU BABY T_T :heart:

Mskybank Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012
(Hello Ms Elanra, I just want to apologize for any dyslexia induced spelling and/or grammar mistakes you may find in the following review.)

I have been reading fanfictions for several years; I have read some pretty fantastic ones and some pretty awful ones that never should have been put up. However, throughout all the kinds I have read I have never felt the need to leave a review, until now. I do apologize for not finding you and your wonderfully brilliant literary talent sooner so to make up for it, I shall leave a review for each chapter of this story.

Any fan can write about a character and bend them to the will of whatever the author demands of them. But I think it takes a truly talented writer to capture the essence of that character and breathe so much life into them where they practically leap off the page/screen. You have accomplished this perfectly with Nezumi and that is no easy feat, especially for a character as complex as him. The inner turmoil Nezumi feels of wanting to be with Shion and wanting to continue to run away from what they have and what they could have is all wonderfully executed here and really makes me feel for him. I also greatly enjoyed the scene where he is standing at the crossroads and is weighing the pros and cons of both paths in his mind and the consequences of those paths, whichever he decides to choose. While he was still deciding, I was wishing I could just knock some sense in him. I even let out a little squeal of joy when he finally took the path on his left. This first chapter had made me feel a variety of emotions while reading it. I felt sadness for them being apart and Nezumi longing for Shion. Near the end I felt this hopeful feeling swell in my chest and warm my whole body with giddiness. I also felt a bit of pride for the wandering mouse/rat when he decided to face the past and no longer run. Just like one other reviewer said; I too think this could truly be canon for when the mouse/rat and flower reunite. Overall, a beautifully written chapter with just the right amount of emotion and angst to make the readers care and want to continue reading.
Elanra13 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
First of all, allow me to apologize for the lateness in my reply. I have a very busy schedule at the moment and I couldn't make time to reply to you to my heart's content. Because when I receive a review this I like to concentrate fully on it as I reply to them.

Secondly, you say that you have dyslexia (and I'm sure you mean it) but this is one of the best worded and articulate reviews I have ever got. Please allow me to thank you for taking the time to read AND review my fanfictions. I am always hungry for them, they are what keep me going when I have a bad day. So I am truly grateful to you.

Oh God... you have no idea how much I love Nezumi, how much he means to me... You telling me that I managed to capture his very essence through my writing is one of the best compliments I could receive. I really wanted to explore what leads him to make the decision to return. I didn't want the decision to be triggered by an incident or an event, something major that makes him want to go back. I just wanted him to come to the conclusion that no matter how long he waits, or how long he keeps Shion waiting, his decision will never be easier, so he might as well go back.

I am so glad that the chapter and the ending worked for you. I also kinda like how I wrote Nezumi's dilemma at the crossroads and how he decides to go back to Shion. I am so happy that I was able to convey the feeling across.

Again, thank you so much for the review!! I am so giddy and overjoyed by this. I'll keep this forever :heart:
GoldenAngelKayra Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Güzel olmuş. Ama pek farklı bişey anlamadım. O.o Bu arada dışardaki pislikler beynimi s**ti okurken. >:-( İlk başta biyer vardı oramı yeni?
xYorutenshi Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
;w; god i am loving this!
Elanra13 Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you!! T_T
xYorutenshi Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
;w;b keep up good writing!
frumpysnuffleupigus Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:) I love your fanficts! You never dissapoint me with a bad one.
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